Saturday, May 9, 2009

Week 4 Update - Day 28

This has been a rough week. I have struggled, both physically and mentally. My weight has been up this week and it has been bumming me out because I haven't changed my eating, except for dropping the diet sodas. Physically, I have felt bloated and have had carb cravings, which I have been able to ignore.

Since I wasn't feeling good about my progress, I almost didn't do an update. However, I had planned on doing a picture update every four weeks, so went ahead anyway. It was a good thing I did, I think. While the scales have been telling me lies, the measuring tape tells a different story. I am getting smaller, which is the most important thing, rather than a number on the scale.

First, here are the pictures comparing how I look today, compared to how I looked at the start. Not a monumental difference, but pretty good for four weeks, I think, considering that I wasn't vastly overweight to start with. Click on the pictures for a bigger version, if you dare.

Front view, relaxed:

Side view, relaxed:

Front view, "flexed":

Back view, "flexed"

I think the back view shows the biggest change. My waist and chest have shown the biggest change so far.

I haven't been able to figure out how to post a decent table with this software, so I have decided to just past a picture of my progress tracking spreadsheet. It shows my weight and measurements from the beginning. The "Net Change" area is the week to week change and the "Total Change" area shows the change relative to the beginning. Click on the picture for a more readable view. The weird numbers are because I measure in centimeters and have the spreadsheet convert them to inches.

The little column floating out to the right is kind of interesting. It compares today to two weeks ago. I am only down .2 pounds from two weeks ago but my measurements are actually down quite a bit. People talk about how zero carb actually causes body recomposition. I need to remember that and quit worrying about weight fluctuations. Whatever is going on in response to dropping diet soda is just something I have to ride out and quit worrying about it.

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Jude said...

WOW....great pics, Arc.....You have definitely changed. Nice going, my friend. KUTGW!!