Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 40

I didn't hungry until about 11 AM and had my ubiquitous cheeseburger bowl. I was hungry again about 5 PM and had a cheesestick to tide me over 'til dinner. For dinner, we had chicken fajitas and I grilled up some short ribs so I could get a little extra fat.

The chicken fajitas were a little carbier than what I usually eat. It was chicken breast, a little onion and red pepper, sauce (from a mix), some guacamole, cheese and some sour cream. I also had one rib. Unfortunately they were leaner than usual and I also accidentally cooked them too much. They cooked much faster than usual, for some reason. The ribs were marinated in fish sauce, soy sauce, garlic and little peanut oil for two hours.

I was down .2 pounds this morning, to 186.6 lbs. I had to move to a smaller pair of shorts since my other pair were falling off, even with a belt. These are a 32 waist and the last were a 34. I would be more excited about the 32 waist if I didn't know these ran big. I have some old 32 inch waist Levis from ages ago that, for some reason, I'm still holding onto that won't button yet. I'm getting there, though, and plan on wearing those Levi's soon.

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