Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day 21

I didn't post yesterday because I was really dragging around and didn't feel up to it. Today, I am now three weeks into this, so I thought I would post.

I was up 1.6 pounds yesterday for no reason other than it was after my first day of no diet soda. This morning I was down 1.8 pounds, to 188.8. That make a total loss of 10.8 pounds in the last three weeks. It also means that I have lost .8 pounds a week after the big drop the first week. I have lost .5" off of my neck, .8" off of my chest, 2.5" off of my stomach and 1" off of my hips. I'll update pictures next week, at the four week mark.

Giving up diet soda is going okay. The cravings have been manageable, though it triggered some carb cravings yesterday, which I was able to ignore. I have been lacking energy at times. I have not has as bad of a headache as I normally get when trying this so far, though I have had a low grade one off and on. The strangest effect is one I have never seen mentioned - my muscles get very, very sore. The larger the muscle, the more it gets sore, so my legs, butt and shoulders get really bad and I hobble around for several days. I am getting to that point now.

Food yesterday was leftover ribs for lunch and a ribeye for dinner. I also had a couple of pieces of cheese mixed in there.

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Willeke said...

Wow! you're doing terrific|! I was looking for your journal here there and everywhere and found this blog!
We started about at the same time but you are losing a lot 'quicker than I am, and I dont even have cheese!! Ah well, I'm very happy with the way it is going, and am so glad that you are doing so well! Is K feeling any better now?