Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day 24

I'm updating this kind of late so there might be some overlap with tomorrow's update.

I am still struggling with the effects of giving up my diet soda. I still feel run down and bloated. I also have been fighting some bad carb cravings since I stopped drinking it. The cravings in particular are frustrating. I was doing really well before and sailing along and now this crops up. My weight has been all over, too, though I was the same weight this morning as yesterday (189.2).

In an attempt to see if anything else is causing a problem, I decided today that I wouldn't have any Splenda or cream in my tea. In fact, I just brewed up a big pot of white tea and have been drinking that plain all day. It has been enough caffeine to keep the headaches away. I haven't really noticed any other changes though it seems like my energy is coming back up. We'll see how it goes.

Yesterday, I didn't get hungry at first until about 11 AM. I had a cheeseburger bowl. It wasn't really enough and I was hungry by the time I got home. I kind of caved to my carb cravings and had about six macadamia nuts and three or four pork rinds. Dinner was a couple of small sirloin steaks cooked "swiss steak" style (boiled over low heat with tomatoes, onion and celery). I had a few of the pieces of veggies that had stuck to the meat but it wasn't much. I had a piece of cheese afterwards to up the fat.

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