Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day 42 - Six week update

I have been busy the last couple of days and haven't much time to update the blog. I was bummed yesterday morning when I weighed and found I had bounced up .8 pounds, to 187.4 for no real reason. I was surprised because I have not been hungry lately and have not been eating much.

I have been thinking lately that I have not been eating enough fat. Most of the meals this week have been fairly lean. I have added some fat in cheese and a little cream in my tea, but I don't think it is enough. I have been dragging a little and a little down, both signs of not enough fat. I also think it might be what has contributed to my weight bouncing all week.

Despite not eating much on Thursday, I didn't get hungry yesterday until 11 AM. I decided to up the fat with the meal, so I had four sausage patties and four eggs with cheese. The eggs were fresh farm eggs and the yolks were huge. It was very filling and I didn't get hungry again until right before bed at 10 PM. I had a short rib that I added a little tallow to and a slice of cheddar.

I was completely shocked when I got on the scale this morning and it read 184.2. That's an overnight loss of 3.2 pounds and a total loss of 15.4 pounds. I don't know how real it is yet because I didn't eat much yesterday, I weighed later than usual and I had a bathroom issue during the night. Still, I'll take it and did all my weekly measurements anyway, since it was the six week mark.

Here is list that shows my current measurements and the changes from last time (two weeks) and since the beginning.

My chest and biceps are actually up some since last time. I found that interesting, since I haven't gotten fatter there. I have been doing Tiger Moves and push-ups a couple of times a week the last two weeks. Maybe they are doing some good.

I haven't been very hungry today so far. I am wondering if the hunger is because I am dumping fat. With my insulin levels down, it seems like I should be unclogging those drains from my fat cells. With more circulating fatty acids in my blood, I shouldn't be very hungry, except for when I need protein.

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