Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 31

For some reason, I really wasn't very hungry yesterday, perhaps because of the late dinner. I also had to deal with a bout of something disagreeing with me, the details of which are too gruesome to mention. Because of all that, I am down a pound this morning to 188.0 lbs. That's a new low and a total of 11.6 pounds gone. We'll see if it holds up. I hope so. The pants that were tight all last week are sitting on my hips today (beware of plumber butt syndrome).

I was hungry first about 10 AM and had a cheeseburger bowl. Dinner was at 6 (I was hungry then, too) and I had a couple of big grilled boneless beef ribs.

I also did a set of Tiger Moves, a set of the joint warmup exercises, 40 inclined pushups, 20 Hindu Squats and 20 "Good Mornings". It felt good but I have to jump into it slowly because I am not completely keto-adapted yet and I dropped my blood sugar a little afterwards. I was fine, just a little sleepy.

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