Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day 26

Well, another day of no sweeteners and cream; another day of a .2 pound gain. I am now up to 189.6 pounds. The weight part is getting a little frustrating but my energy levels are back up and I don't feel quite as bloated, so I think it going in the right direction anyway.

I was hungry early yesterday, despite the tacos the night before, so had a cheeseburger bowl. I ended up getting hungry again at 2 PM, so I had a few bites of pemmican and a colby/jack cheese stick. Dinner was late, about 7:45. I had three fairly large chicken thighs that had marinaded in Frank's hot sauce and then broiled. I followed that up with a piece of cheddar to up the fat a little.

One possible reason for the slight weight gain is that I did a little resistance training yesterday. At lunch, I did a set of full tension Tiger Moves followed by the joint warmup routine (from John Peterson's Transformetrics books). It wasn't a lot as I wanted to ease back into resistance training but I could feel them this morning. I know that sometimes muscles can retain water after resistance training. Since my stomach wasn't as bloated feeling, I think it is a valid theory on why the weight was up, despite feeling thinner.

They felt good, too. Last time I tried them, in my pre-ZC days, I really struggled with getting enough air. I didn't have that problem at all this time and felt strong, even though I have basically done nothing for the last few months. Once I feel like I am making strides, I would like to add back in push-ups and Hindu squats.

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