Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I figured out another reason last night why I haven't been losing weight recently.

I usually am physically hungry when I get home from work at 3:30. We don't eat dinner until about 6:30 most nights so I have been eating a little something to "tide me over". Lately that little something has been a handful of nuts.

We have these small 4 oz custard cups that hold about a handful (I have big hands). I usually have about half almonds and half cashews. I knew it was fairly high in calories but thought it was about 400 (two servings). I finally actually weighed the amount last night and calculated the calories.


For me, nuts and weight loss are mutually exclusive.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Three month update

Semi-official 3 month update.

The last few week-ends haven't been very good, so I am pretty much just maintaining at the moment. I have been holding around 189-190 during this time.

I have added in resistance training again over the last three weeks, which may be affecting my weight. I doubt that I have added much muscle during that time but they definitely feel fuller, so I am probably holding more glycogen and water, which keeps the weight up.

My goal from here through the holidays is simply to maintain. The holiday season has always been brutal. It starts with the trip to K's folks, which is next week. It seems like I usually just lose it from then until after my birthday (Feb 1). I plan on continuing on with the waiting for hunger and the two times a week 24 hour fasting. I am hoping that allowing myself to still have a little bit of the goodies will be satisfying enough that I can keep control.

I can resume the weight loss after the holidays.