Monday, May 4, 2009

Day 23

Since I dropped the diet soda last Thursday, I seem to be bouncing all around with my weight. I was up .6 pounds yesterday, to 189.4 and was at 189.2 this morning, though I weighed much earlier since I had to work today. Besides the weight issue, the kicking the habit process has been going okay. I had another low grade headache yesterday and was dragging around in the afternoon. I am hoping my energy levels come up soon as the weather is getting better and I have things to do in the yard.

I didn't get hungry until after noon yesterday and didn't actually eat until 2 PM. I had a leftover rib and a cheeseburger bowl. I really like have burger patties around but they are a pain to cook and they splatter grease everywhere. Since our store has hamburger super cheap right now because of Cinco De Mayo, I bought several 3.5 lb packages and browned one of them up. Then I can scoop out a bowl of hamburger when I need it, sprinkle on a little cheese and stir in a bit of mustard. Instant cheeseburgers.

K had been really missing her yogurt. Normally, the flavored kind is really high in carbs because they add so much sugar. I bought some full fat plain yogurt and added some flavored protein powder (sweetened with Splenda). The two kinds of protein powder I had was Strawberry Cream and Dutch Chocolate. Mixed in to the plain yogurt, it was quite good, plus high in fat and protein. It isn't zero carb because of the milk sugar (there are some that claim the lactose is eaten by the cultures but I don't know for sure). It is higher in carbs and sweetener than I want, but it hits the spot with K. I did have a little bit of the chocolate, though it was only about two tablespoons and didn't cause any cravings or other issues.

Dinner was a pork steak and a bit of cheese. I wasn't all that hungry because I had eaten a big lunch so late.

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