Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 9

I got busy yesterday and didn't get a chance to update.

I got busy with some projects yesterday and didn't get a chance to eat until about 2 PM, even though I first got hungry about noon. I had some eggs and sausage with cheese. Dinner was around 6:30 and was "tacos". Taco meat, cheese, sour cream and a little guacamole.

I knew it would be a little carbier than normal, because of the sour cream and guac. It turns out that the taco mix is fairly carby too. I had thought that I was only at about 10 grams for the day but now think it was closer to 20.

I was up 2.4 pounds this morning, to 192.6. More than likely, most of that is partly from eating two large meals late in the day and by water retention caused by the excess carbs. If I keep plugging along, most of it should drop back off soon.

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