Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 14

I managed to give myself another low blood sugar episode yesterday. I wasn't hungry when I got up so I poured myself some Diet Pepsi and sat down at the computer to read. Over the next couple of hours, while reading on the computer, I managed to put away almost a two liter without thinking about it. I did eat a taco meat omelette after that but was already feeling a little shaky. I didn't feel better until mid-afternoon. As soon as I get back from my business trip, the pop goes. In the meantime, I just have to keep it to smaller amounts to avoid the big insulin response.

About 3 PM, I was still fighting the low blood sugar and had four pork rinds (ingredients: pork and salt) and a piece of cheese. That helped and tided me over until dinner at 7. I had a cheeseburger patty and two piglets.

I inadvertently ended up with a lot of salt yesterday between the taco meat, pork rinds and piglets. I was very thirsty all day, which is partly why I over did it on the pop. I switched to water in the afternoon and felt like I couldn't get enough the rest of the evening. I figured I would be sloshing around this morning and would be up several pounds but I was actually down .4 pounds, to 189.6. That makes it an even ten pounds in the two weeks that I have been eating this way. I only lost .8 pounds during the last week but my measurements show I have lost inches

I also compared my measurements to when I had dieted down to 188.4 pounds last fall through calorie restriction and higher carb. Even though my weight is still more than a pound higher, I am quite a bit smaller. That tells me that I am losing more fat and putting on a bit of lean tissue.

I have a bit of a challenge over the next four days. I leave tomorrow to do several days of meetings with my employer. They will be providing some of the meals, which, of course, I won't be able to eat because of the gluten. My plan is to get a big omelette for breakfast and then eat the pemmican that I am taking when I get hungry after that. I think I will be okay that way.

I'll update more when I get back Thursday.

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