Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 9 Addendum

I posted earlier this morning and forgot a few things.

The main reason I am adopting this way of eating is for health. I have been tracking the weight loss, too, but that really isn't my main focus. Heart disease and diabetes runs in my family so I am trying to be proactive and stop any further damage being added to what I may have already done.

I took my fasting blood sugar yesterday morning. When I am eating carbs, it tends to hover around 100. When I am eating to hunger and keeping the carbs to around 150 g a day, it stays around 90. After a week of near zero carb, it was 84. I also haven't felt any low blood sugar episodes since starting this so it seems like it is staying at a stable value.

I do think I was fighting some bug over the weekend. Two different evenings, I would feel feverish and just plain feel terrible. I hit it with some extra Vitamin D and felt a lot better yesterday and even better today. My energy levels are back up (I was absolutely dragging Saturday). My nose was kind of drippy all weekend but am clear today. Hopefully I zapped the bugs.

K is doing much better, too. She is acting more like her old self and has more energy. She did add in a little vegetation, like broccoli and lettuce, but was starting to feel better even before that. K's fasting blood sugar was 86, which is really good for her as it has been in the low 100's in the past which is creeping into the danger levels. She has also lost about three pounds. She really isn't doing it for weight loss but more for body recomposition (more muscle/less fat). Her stomach has already tightened up quite a bit, with the loose skin that comes from whelpin' less noticable.

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