Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day 1

First day was uneventful. I didn't get hungry until about 2 PM at which point I had a chuck-eye steak. The chuck-eye is an interesting cut. I wasn't even aware of it until recently. I had ignored "chuck steaks" because they are generally gristly and tough. However, the chuck-eye is a different cut and is kind of a poor man's ribeye. The fat is a little different but it is definitely a tasty cut and much cheaper than rib-eyes.

The store here is having a sale on rib-eye roasts for $3.98/pound. We bought two huge roasts and had the meat department slice them 1/2" thick. Dinner was supposed to be one of the ribeye's but I wasn't real hungry by then. However, my son J didn't want very much of his so I had the other half.

Something strange happened after that, though. Even though I hadn't been very hungry, the half of the steak wasn't enough to satisfy me. I felt a bit of gnawing in my stomach so ended up slicing off a bit of cheddar cheese. I hadn't intended on eating a lot of dairy but it did the trick.

Whatever I did worked though, because I was down 4.6 pounds this morning, from 199.6 to 195.0. I had mentioned yesterday that I was bloated from gluten and carbs, so it isn't surprising to see a big bunch of water gone but I wasn't expecting that much. If the weight holds up, it puts me in the middle of my week of meat only in mid-March and means I didn't gain anything but water over vacation.

I think induction flu is starting to kick in as I am starting to get a headache. Hopefully it only lasts a day like last time. Also, K is a bit dejected that she picked Easter as the day to start. She was looking rather longingly at the Easter candy as she filled the boys' Easter baskets this morning (bad of us, I know, but it is rationed and tends to last a long time).

I took her beginning stats and pictures this morning but she won't let me post them. For her, this is about health anyway, so they are really just for posterity. It is very possible to be thin and still insulin resistant. Her blood sugar tends to be a little high, which isn't a good thing and can eventually lead to heart disease and cancer (particularly breast cancer, which runs in her family), so it is important for her to get that under control.

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