Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day 7

I woke up hungry yesterday and fixed eggs and sausage sprinkled with cheese. This tided me over until late afternoon. Since it was getting close to dinner, I just had a couple of hard boiled eggs (we are still trying to eat up the Easter eggs) mixed with a little sour cream and mustard. Measured out, it was about 3 carbs.

For dinner, I grilled up some beef short ribs that I had marinated in a fish sauce/lemongrass mixture. I accidentally cooked them perfectly and they were out of this world.

I was down .8 pounds this morning, to 190.4. I weighed much later than usual but it was about the same time that I weighed a week ago when I got my starting stats. During the last week, I have lost a total 9.4 pounds. I was hoping for an additional .6 pounds to make it an even ten, but I am very satisfied with this.

One thing about this lifestyle that I am still struggling with is making sure that there is adequate meat available when I get hungry. With two teen-agers in the house, it is difficult to keep leftovers around. I have been falling into a pattern of eggs and dairy because they stay well in the fridge for long periods of time and are convenient. If I am hungry now, I don't want to have to wait for burger patties or steaks to thaw. It makes it easier to start eyeing the nuts and other stuff in the house.

On a positive note, K is starting to feel better. She still isn't hungry very often and is still struggling with not liking plain meat that well, which was the reason for the marinade yesterday, but she is beginning to get through this.

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