Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 3

I was really dragging again yesterday. I just had no energy but thankfully none of the other problems with induction flu. I started to feel a little better last night but it is too early to know if I've busted through yet. One problem I had during the week where I ate this way a month ago was that I had trouble sleeping and it has cropped back up. I actually have no trouble falling asleep, which is unusual for me, but I also wake up several times a night and have trouble falling back asleep. I have always had a problem with the waking up during the night thing but usually drop right back to sleep. Hopefully this passes soon too.

K is feeling like death warmed over. We may have to bump her carbs up a bit or she probably won't stick with this. Since she isn't insulin resistant (that we can tell) or overweight, she should be okay with 50 grams or so a day. That is still pretty low, just not zero carb.

I took the leftover chuck-eye steak for lunch yesterday but didn't get hungry until about 11 AM, probably because I had several cups of tea with a little heavy cream earlier. I could only eat about half of the steak before getting a little queasy. I took that as being full.

I was hungry for dinner, which was scrambled eggs with ham and cheese. K wasn't very hungry, so I finished her eggs and probably had about five eggs total, with ham mixed in and a little shredded cheese sprinkled on top. I still wasn't full after that and had a slice of cheese because it was the only thing convenient.

One thing about this way of eating is that it is critical to have meat handy. You can't just throw back a handful of nuts or eat an orange or something if you are still hungry after a meal. This part of what we are doing is still a work in progress. I am hoping that the pemmican we have been making turns out as that would be a handy way to fill out a meal or to have something on hand while traveling.

I was down .6 pounds this morning, to 194.8, for a total loss of 4.8 pounds.

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