Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day 12

I was super busy at work yesterday and barely had time to eat. I got hungry fairly early but didn't have time to stop to eat until about 1:30 PM. I had a beef short rib and three piglets.

I went to Spokane right after work for my son's track meet and then did some running around after that in Spokane, so I had a pretty late dinner. I had a plain, bunless triple cheeseburger at Wendy's. It was good but tasted really salty to me.

It also really irks me that you can't just buy a burger patty at a fast food restaurant. Paying for a full burger, at full price, and then only getting half of what you paid for (no bun, no lettuce, no condiments) rankles. When I worked fast food as a teenager, we could sell a plain burger patty at a reduced price (people in the drive-thru would buy them for their dogs) but apparently no one does that anymore. If I had been hungrier, I probably would have gone to the Golden Corral, where I could have loaded up on plain meat.

I have really noticed this week that I am losing my cravings for non-meat foods. G was eating fries with his burger last night and I had no desire to "snitch" any of them (I did have a fleeting desire for a Frosty but it didn't last long). I feel that I am starting to adapt pretty well to this lifestyle.

One other thing I noticed last night is that K's skin is really nice. It is very smooth and soft, especially on her legs. It seriously felt like she had just put lotion on (she hadn't). Another nice benefit of this lifestyle for her. I haven't noticed the same for me, though. The back of my arms are really dry right now for some reason.

My weight was up .4 pounds,to 190.8, possibly because of the late salty dinner. My weight has been bouncing all over this week but I am not concerned. The odd thing is that I feel thinner, even with the higher weight. My newer pants in the smaller size fit better now than they did last week near the same weight. I think there must be some body recomposition going on, so I am just riding it out and seeing where it goes.

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