Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 13

Meals were pretty simple yesterday - three piglets and a beef spare rib around 11 AM and three cheeseburger patties at dinner (about 6:30). Dinner was right on the edge of being enough but I didn't quite feel like having more. I got up to use the bathroom at 3:30 and was almost hungry (but didn't eat) and was still on the edge of hunger this morning, though it faded before I ate anything.

Since I did the Weigh Down way of eating for so long, I am no stranger to hunger signals and waiting to eat until I got them. It has been different on zero carb, though. I don't always get a full blown hunger signal like before. I suppose that if my insulin levels are coming down, I have more fatty acids available from my own fat stores, so the hunger signal isn't as strong as when the insulin levels are high and internally starving the cells.

It is something I am adjusting to. I have read that it is important to get enough food in. I am not intentionally cutting back on my food; I am just not that hungry. There have been times that I didn't get the stomach growl but ate because I felt weak. I think that is okay and is just a different hunger signal. It is an adjustment that should become clearer and easier as I go along.

Another thing that is interesting to me is that I am losing my cravings for other food. I dished up a little ice cream for the boys last night and wasn't tempted at all to lick the spoon or taste any of it, unlike last time. This lifestyle gets easier all the time.

I am down .4 pounds, to 190.0 - my lowest so far. That is a total loss of 9.6 pounds.

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