Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 6

I felt pretty good all day until the evening. Then it was like someone flipped a switch. About 6 PM, I suddenly didn't feel well and kind of felt like I was running a fever. The rest of the evening, I would alternate between chills and being too hot. I was really worried that I was coming down with something. However, I don't feel bad this morning.

While not feeling well, I was struggling with some carb cravings for the first time this week. I didn't succumb and even stayed out of the ice cream while dishing some up for the boys. That was tough. A little voice in the back of my mind kept whispering that a spoonful would only be a couple of carbs. Grrrr....

I think K is doing better energy-wise. However, she still is saying nothing sounds good and she rarely finishes what she eats. I'm thinking that she is going to have to add in a few low carb veggies and nuts just for variety. She is still sticking it out, though. I noticed this morning that, even though she didn't need to lose weight, she is really starting to tighten up.

I got hungry really early, about 7:30 AM. I hadn't brought much for lunch so had several bites of pemmican. The flavor is starting to improve as it ages. However, I still had a couple of cups of tea with cream to get rid of the taste.

I got hungry again about 10:30 and had a couple of cheeseburger patties and a couple more bites of pemmican. This tided me over until dinner when I had a T-bone and a piece of cheddar. The T-bone was from Wal-Mart and really wasn't very good. I have noticed that my taste is changing and I am starting to notice the quality of the meat.

I weighed a couple hours later than normal and was down 1.2 pounds, to 191.2. That is a total loss of 8.6 pounds this week.

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