Saturday, April 11, 2009


Here are my beginning stats and my pictures. I'll be updating them when needed.


Weight199.6 lbs
Stomach In37"
Stomach Out40.75"
Right Bicep13.1"
Right Thigh19.5"

I measure in cm and then use the spreadsheet that I track the numbers with to convert to inches.

My beginning pics are here:

"Flexed", to show the lack of proper muscle tone:

I am not sure how "real" those numbers are. I am still bloated from the gluten exposure I got a week ago and I think I am still holding a lot of water from the carbs I ate on vacation. It should help lead to some impressive initial weight loss (hopefully).

K is still going to do this with me but is starting tomorrow. She had some goodies that she wanted to finish but fell asleep last night before she could get to them.

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Jude said...

Cool beans, Arc....I wish I looked half as good as you do. I will be following your progress. KUTGW!!