Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 2

I had felt yesterday that I might be heading into the induction flu period, but it never fully materialized. I had a low grade headache all day and was feeling rather beat all afternoon. I also had that dry mouth that always seems to come when first going into ketosis. It never went into feeling full blown terrible, though.

I got hungry fairly early and had a rib-eye. I next got hungry around 3:30 but I decided to "save" that one until dinner.

Since it was Easter, I decided to allow myself a little latitude and had ham, deviled eggs and half of a dill pickle. The pickle had no added sugar and was essentially zero carbs if you don't count fiber and 1 gram if you do. The ham had a little sugar from the curing process. K makes deviled eggs heavy on the mustard and very light on the mayo but there was a slight amount of sugar in the mayo plus the carbs in the eggs. I estimate that I had about 10 - 15 grams, which is more than I want but still very low. It was a very enjoyable dinner.

I expected a big bounce back up after the big water whoosh yesterday. Between the salt from the ham and the carbs, I thought that I would probably temporarily regain some of that water. However, I was only up .4 pounds, to 195.4. I also weighed at 4:30 AM. Yesterday, I weighed at around 9:30 AM, so it's possible that over a 24 hour period, it's actually a wash. We have a lot of ham left, so I will be working on that some this week which will probably slow things down due to the carbs and the salt.

I did want to make a comment about the purpose of this blog. I am writing this to primarily share my experiences. I am also posting things that I think are cool or strike me the right way. However, I am not trying to rigorously prove anything or debate lifestyle choices and am not going to hunt up studies to back up everything that I post. A really good blog for that can be found is the Zeroing In On Health blog. Charles, the author, does a nice job of thoroughly writing about various health issues and referencing the studies to back it up.

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