Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February 23, '10 Update

 I have been struggling with carb cravings since around Christmas. I am unsure what has been causing them but I need to get to the bottom of them because I am not strong enough to live with constant cravings. What I decided to do is to strip out all of the marginal zero carb foods, like dairy, coffee and tea and stick with just meat and water. I will continue to try to get in a variety of meats plus I do eat eggs occasionally. I started this last Sunday.

Yesterday went pretty well. I made sure I had enough food on hand and didn't really have a problem with cravings.

When I made up my hamburger bowls for the week, I put a quarter pound of ground beef in each one. I then took a bunch of them to work for my lunches. I wanted to have a smaller amount of food available when I got hungry but have plenty on hand in case I got hungry more often.

First hunger came about 8 am. I ate one of the hamburger bowls. I really wanted a coffee, too, but drank a mug of hot water instead. That curbed the coffee cravings.

I thought that might last me until I got home but my stomach started growling again at 2 pm. I ate another hamburger bowl.

I did my push up routine when I got home at 4 o'clock. My stomach was growling again by 6 pm when dinner was ready. Dinner was flanken ribs baked in the oven. I overate a little, having five strips, but they are a favorite of mine and were nice and fatty. I suspect that it will be a while before I get hungry this morning.

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