Monday, February 8, 2010

Feb 8, '10 Update

I didn't end up eating very well Saturday. My wife had been bugging me about a pack of all beef hot dogs in the freezer so when I finally got hungry Saturday I thought that sounded good for a change. They were less than a gram of carbs each so I figured that they would be okay, if not the best thing to have. Unfortunately, it was a bad move and it set off cravings. To kill the cravings, I ate dinner with the family a couple hours later, despite not being hungry. They were having "breakfast for dinner" so I had bacon and eggs. I ended up throwing in some cheese with the eggs. I got through the cravings okay but was stuffed up that night because of the dairy. No more hot dogs.

I figured that I wouldn't get hungry very early yesterday since I had eaten when I wasn't hungry the night before. To my surprise, though, I got hungry about 10 am. I had a ribeye that was about 12 oz. I also had a little goat cheese that I had found while shopping that morning. It was pretty good. I was starting to get hungry by 6 pm while making dinner for K and the boys so had about .4 pounds of baked ground beef with a little goat cheese on it. I was still a little stuffed up last night but it may still be the dairy from Saturday still in my system. I'll try the goat cheese again later in the week and see if it affects me.

I have been debating with myself about the best way to approach the eating when hungry issue. I am trying hard to eat only when physically hungry, even if it means missing dinner with the family. The thing that I am not sure about is how much to eat when I do get hungry.

When I lost almost 50 pounds doing Weigh Down, the idea was to eat a small amount when physically hungry. The idea was that if you wanted more, you just waited for the next hunger, which should be 4-5 hours later, if you ate the correct amount the time before.

When I started zero carb, it seemed that eating until you couldn't another bite was strongly encouraged and just eating a small amount when hungry was considered "restricting" and was frowned on. I have struggled with that from the beginning. My stomach isn't happy when I eat too much and I end up eating only once a day or getting hungry at odd times. However, I wanted to do ZC "right" and didn't want to screw something up.

I have decided now, though, to try eating the smaller amounts when hungry and just eat more often if I get hungry sooner from not eating so much. I made the hamburger bowls I take to work smaller this week and will just eat the pemmican I have stashed in the work fridge if I do get hungry again during the work day.

I am not trying to force weight loss or anything like that. What happens, though, is that I will get hungry around noon, eat a big lunch and then not be hungry at dinner time. I'll end up eating anyway just because the family is eating and I'll end up with more food than I need. What I am hoping for with eating the smaller meals is that I'll get hungry more often and be able to eat just enough.

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