Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Feb 2, '10 Update

One problem with not counting the days anymore is coming up with a title for the daily (or near daily) updates. unless I can figure out something clever in the future, I'll probably just title it with the date of the update. Boring...

Everything went pretty well yesterday. I didn't think I would get hungry yesterday until late but got full on, stomach growling hunger at noon and ate some ground beef. I was getting hungry by dinner but not growling yet. However, it was my birthday dinner, so ate anyway. I had a rack of ribs that I had cut out of my ribeye roast.

I was actually craving coffee and tea yesterday. I must have been having it more than I thought or it could have been because I was wanting the dairy that I have with those. I didn't have coffee, tea or dairy though. I don't know if not having those things caused it but I ended up with a brutal headache last night. It was one of those "curl up in the dark and try to keep your brains from leaking out your ears" headaches. I took a handful of ibuprofen and went to bed early. Fortunately, it is mostly gone this morning.

I ended up skipping my push up routine because of the headache. I have decided to try only doing it twice a week rather than three times. This old body was having trouble keeping up with the ever increasing amount with less recovery time. I am going to also do the same guys "200 squats" program on alternate days. Push ups on Mon/Thurs and squats on Tues/Fri.

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