Thursday, February 18, 2010

February 18, '10 Update

I struggled a bit over the last weekend. With the long weekend, for some reason, I wanted to eat more. I wasn't really hungry, just "munchy". I also had no luck staying out of the cream and cheese (cow dairy).

Once I returned to work on Tuesday I was able to get back into the groove. Yesterday worked really well. I had my first hunger about 8 and had some coffee with goat milk. I was hungry again at 11:30 and ate a quarter pound hamburger bowl. I was hungry again after doing my squat routine and ate a hardboiled egg to hold me over until dinner. I was hungry again by dinner and ate a 3/4" thick ribeye. I also had a small slice of ham with some goat cheddar melted (kind of) on it.

I probably overate a bit at dinner but I wasn't stuffed or even excessively full, so I am not going to worry about it. It was also a cow dairy free day, so I hope I can stay away from it now.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. It was sunny and 50°. I was stuck in the office all day but enjoyed it anyway. It was definitely giving me spring fever. Today and tomorrow are supposed to be similar, though it is foggy right now. I hope it will burn off soon.

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