Thursday, February 4, 2010

Feb 4, '10 Update

Yesterday went really well. My hunger worked out perfectly. I was hungry early, about 8:30, and was stomach growling hungry for dinner at 6:30. I had a couple of left over boneless ribs and some meatballs (made from 2:1 ratio GB and Italian sausage) for first hunger and a thin cut ribeye off of my dry aging roast and a couple of chicken thighs for dinner.

I had good energy again yesterday though not exactly bouncing off of the walls or anything like that. I did get a trace of the headache back but it stayed just a trace, so not so bad.

I had been doing my push up routine three times a week but have decided to drop it to twice a week. I have added two days of the "200 Squats" routine instead. I started the routine last night and it went okay. My thighs kept wanting to cramp up between sets but would work out once I got going. That was kind of weird. My legs are a little sore this morning but not too bad. I do have to be careful on our stairs after the workout, though.

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