Thursday, February 11, 2010

10 Months ZC update

The eating small amounts when hungry experiment is still going strong. I didn't get hungry yesterday until 10 am, which meant I ate too much Tuesday night. I had half of a burger bowl (about 100 grams) and some coffee and cream. I was hungry again at 6 pm and ate two chicken thighs and some cheese.

I have been doing a little "last supper" eating with the dairy, I think. I am going to cut it out again because it throws off my hunger during this experiment but wanted to wait until after tomorrow. We are going to Spokane tomorrow and the thing I know works best (both for ZC and for gluten) for eating out is the BK $1 double cheeseburgers, plain, no bun. The cream will be gone today and no more cow cheese after tomorrow.

I didn't feel any leaner this morning but the fat that is there is squishier, which is usually a good sign. It usually means I am going to drop some weight soon. I am still not weighing but may consider it Saturday, along with pictures and measurements if I feel there is any significant progress since last time I did them. It would be for my monthly update, since I started ZC 10 months ago today.

The thing that is so difficult about eating this way is cooking just enough and being prepared. The burger bowls make it easy but dinner is a little tougher. However, cutting the steaks off of my dry aging roast does help because I can cut them thin if necessary. To be honest, part of wanting to eat more than I need is wanting to eat the stuff I cooked up beforehand (like my burger bowls) before they go bad.

One other thing to mention is that my energy is still good, so I don't think I am undereating. I don't want to undereat; I want to eat just enough.

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