Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Feb 9, '10 Update

The first day of the "eat small amounts when hungry" experiment had mixed results. It was because of two factors. The first was because I barely slept the night before and was very tired at work. I decided to get a coffee to wake me up and had some cream in it as I can't choke down coffee black. I waited until I was hungry to do this but the dairy and the caffeine are factors that might throw off any results.

The second factor was that I wasn't very prepared since I decided to do this on the spur of the moment. I was okay at first hunger at noon and ate a chicken thigh. I was hungry again when I got home from work and ate four pepperoni slices (these are the "sandwich pepperonis" from the deli) wrapped around some goat cheese. I also had a little cheddar since I already blew the no dairy thing. I didn't want to eat a bunch so I would be okay for dinner but didn't have anything quick so settled for the processed meat. It didn't set off cravings but still not the best choice. I am going to try to have some ground beef I can scoop out or some eggs on hand.

At dinner, I was borderline on hunger. In retrospect, I probably could have waited. I sliced a thin steak off of my dry aging ribeye roast and ate that. It was probably a half inch thick, so it wasn't a lot.

One day isn't enough to tell me anything. I did feel a little dead doing the push ups last night but that isn't unusual for Mondays. I don't think it was because of eating less. I did feel a little leaner this morning but it might be my imagination. It's possible that there is less bloating because there is less food.

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