Saturday, February 13, 2010

February 13, '10 Update (44 Weeks)

The experiment is going really well. I must have eaten a bit too much Thursday night because I didn't get hungry yesterday until 2 PM. I ate half of a burger bowl (100 grams) and a little goat cheese. That held me over until about 7 pm at which time I ate the rack of ribs that came with my last ribeye roast (four bones). They were pretty filling but I ended up eating a couple of thin slices of cheddar that were leftover from the boys' burgers.

I am really torn on the dairy. I like how I feel when I eat it and I like the variety that it adds, plus I just like it. I don't like being stuffed up and my wife doesn't like that I snore worse because of it. I weighed 172.2 pounds last Saturday and weighed 169.6 pounds this morning, so the dairy clearly doesn't inhibit my weight loss. I went dairy-free all January and didn't lose an ounce.

I picked up some goat cheddar this morning and am going to try goat dairy for a while to see if I can still do dairy but have less sinus problems in the meantime.

As I said, I lost 2.6 pounds this weak by eating smaller amounts when physically hungry. Since last Thursday was 10 months since starting ZC (44 weeks), I decided to do some picture updates. Unfortunately, the lighting isn't that great on the new pictures. I have been at a lighter weight before, 169.0 lbs in mid-December, but this is the lowest weigh that I have measured at. Since I am sure I have put on some muscle the last month and a half, I think I am leaner than in mid-December, despite the higher weight.

Here are the net changes in my measurements over the last 44 weeks:

It amazes me that I have lost more than six inches off of my stomach. The bodyfat calculator I use put me at 12.4% bodyfat. However, you should start seeing abs at 15%. Since I still don't have visible abs, I estimate that I am in the 17% range now.

Here are the before and now pictures. Sorry about the bad lighting.






Finally, here are the other two T-shirts that K bought me for my birthday. You'll have to forgive the wrinkles as they were folded up in the closet. The food chain one is my favorite.



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