Saturday, June 6, 2009

Week 8 Update - Day 56

The beef and water routine seems to be working. I was at 185 pounds this morning, which is only .8 pounds from where I was two weeks ago. It's frustrating that I am still over that point, though. I am hoping that I will continue in the right direction.

I was hungry pretty early, about 8 AM, and had a beef short rib. I was hungry again at 2 PM and had six flanken-style ribs. They were good and fatty and very filling. I thought it would take me through the evening but I got hungry again about 9 PM and had a small chuck-eye steak.

Since I am doing "official" updates every four weeks, it is time again for one as this is Week 8. I am still higher in the measurements than two weeks ago but it is close. I have still lost a fair amount where it counts over the whole eight weeks.

Here is a new series of before and after pictures. You can click on any of the pictures for a bigger version.

I think there is a fairly noticeable difference and I feel I put on a little muscle (or, at least, uncovered it). I still have a lot of fat on my belly and it is irritating that it refuses to drop faster. However, I can't do anything about it but to keep plugging along and wait for it.

These kind of updates are good for me mentally. Looking at the scale day to day and not really seeing any progress stresses me out. I can tell by how my clothes fit that I am smaller but it's easy to forget that as you kind of get used to yourself over time when there aren't big changes. Seeing it this way helps to reaffirm what I am doing.

I still haven't gotten the energy boost that some people see on zero carb. I am doing okay but find my legs feel leaden sometimes and I just don't have that extra gear yet. I think one thing that has been working against me lately is that the pine pollen is really bad and the cottonwood trees are, too. I haven't been sneezing too bad but I have been stuffed up and have a stuffy head and always scratchy throat. Maybe that is adding inflammation or something that is keeping me puffy and run down.

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