Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day 52

Yesterday was a lot better though I was still dragging a bit. I am starting to wonder if I eat enough. I eat when hungry but that is only a couple of times a day and I fill up pretty quickly. I read about zero carbers eating like a pound of hamburger at a time. I eat about 8-10 ounces with my cheeseburger bowls and dinner is an average sized steak and I'm done.

I'm not going to force more food yet but I need to listen closer to hunger signals to make sure I'm not putting them off until they are stronger. They have changed some since going zero carb and aren't as clear as before.

I had another no Splenda day yesterday. I also had a lot less dairy, though I had a little shredded cheese in my cheeseburger bowl and two mugs of tea with a splash of heavy cream in each. I got hungry the first time at 12:30 and had a cheeseburger bowl. I was hungry again around 5 PM and had two all-beef hot dogs (<1g carb each) to tide me over to dinner. Dinner was a ribeye steak.

I scored some chuck-eye steaks yesterday for $2.49 a pound. Chuck-eyes are kind of a poor man's ribeye and are pretty good and fatty. They normally run about $4.50 a pound so this was a good deal. I am supposed to pick up a big pack of flanken-style ribs tonight for about the same price per pound. Those are super good, too.

Weight was down .4 pounds this morning, to 186.4. Hopefully the new changes will get it dropping again and get me back to the 184s.

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