Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 65

I haven't updated in a while. Last weekend was very busy. We had relatives here Thursday and Friday. My parents, K's parents and K's sister all came up for G's 8th grade graduation. They were gone by Saturday morning and we spent the rest of the weekend doing stuff around the house. I wasn't on-line very much.

Thursday night was the graduation party. G wanted pizza, so K made a pizza quiche for her and I. We also had a crust-less, sugar-free cheesecake and some ice cream a la Bear. I ate quite a bit that night and still dropped a pound, down to 183.8, a new low. On Friday, I ate to my in-laws schedule, not mine, and ended up overeating and bounced back to 184.4 lbs.

Saturday was leftovers and I dropped down to 184.2 Sunday morning. Yesterday, I wasn't hungry in the morning, so didn't eat until around 1 PM. While shopping in the morning, I bought some carb-free bacon. When we got home, I cooked it by putting it all on a cookie sheet and baking it at 400° for about 20 minutes. This cooking method worked really well. It was a lot less messy than cooking it a pan and it got nicely crisp.

I ended up eating a leftover beef rib (way too lean - yuck) and about 2/3s of the bacon. It was very good bacon and it hit the spot. It also seemed to be pretty low salt as I didn't puff up from it.

I had a new low weight of 183.2 pounds this morning. That makes a total loss at this point of 16.4 pounds in a little over nine weeks. My normal pattern is to hit a low and then bounce back up for a while before dropping again. We'll see how it goes.

I am a little unsure about the dairy now. I had thought it was holding me back. However, between the ice cream, cheese-cake and pizza quiche, I had a ton of dairy over the weekend and still posted a decent sized loss. Maybe I was just primed for it and I lost despite the dairy and not because of it. I am still going to try to keep it limited for now to see what happens. I do think I breath easier when I don't have it.

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