Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 55

The last few days have been very frustrating. Tuesday night we had pork riblets (piglets). The piglets had been marinated in Frank's Red Hot sauce and some wheat-free soy sauce. They weren't particularly salty and I only had four because I wasn't real hungry. However, the next morning my weight had jumped up 2.4 pounds to 188.8 pounds!?! I really don't know what caused the jump but it was definitely bloat as my stomach that night felt distended and hard.

I went beef only the next two days, except for a little cheese yesterday with my cheeseburger bowl at lunch. I ate primarily fatty beef ribs and hamburger over those days and my weight fell to 187.4 yesterday and was at 186.0 this morning.

My energy levels have started to come back up. However, my workouts on Monday and Friday were really tough. I am managing to match what I did last week but I couldn't make any progress. I am hoping that I will be hitting that keto-adaptation soon so I have more energy and endurance.

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