Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 51

I haven't updated in a few days. It was a busy weekend and a bit of struggle, too, eating-wise.

Saturday was my seventh week on zero carb. I would normally do an update on my measurements but K had to leave early so I didn't get it done. At the eighth week time, I'll do new pictures and measurements. Hopefully, I'll have a decent change by then.

I had a terrible time Saturday. Originally, the boys were supposed to be gone all day on a school trip and K and I would have the day together. Friday night, the school asked her if she would go on the trip as one of the teachers had to bow out. This left me doing a bunch of projects around the house by myself.

None of them went right and required a bunch of screwing around and several trips into town for parts. I wasn't hungry in the morning so I didn't eat before working on the projects. When I did finally get hungry, I was in the middle of a dirty, physically demanding job. I didn't want to stop and have to get cleaned up to eat so I kept going. By the time I finished, I was really dragging.

I got cleaned up and made a taco meat omelette with left over taco meat and cheese. I ate that and collapsed into a chair to watch a movie. Despite being pretty full, after an hour I got the worst cravings I have experienced while eating this way. I ended up caving in and having a big handful of mixed nuts (almonds, cashews and macadamia nuts). It didn't really help and I kept craving the junk.

I didn't end up eating anything else but a couple of ribs later in the evening. It is amazing how the cravings grab a hold of you and work your mind. I kept having feelings of being tired of meat and wanting a change. Knowing what it would do to me to give in and binge on carbs helped me eventually keep it at bay but it was tough sledding there for a while.

I don't know what triggered it. It could have been getting too hungry or the carbs in the taco meat or even stress from the projects and being disappointed that K wasn't home with me. Probably a combination of all three. I don't think I completely have my insulin under control. It means that I can't utilize my body stores quickly when working hard and needing fuel. I noticed my legs will get leaden in that situation, like I have completely run out of energy.

I had hoped that by seven weeks in I would be keto-adapted but it hasn't happened yet. I think I was getting there but this last week wasn't very good with regards to my food. Tacos, ham, too much dairy, a couple of forays into nuts and my Splenda use increasing has probably kept my insulin elevated and has kept from losing any more weight.

Yesterday was less strenuous but I was still fighting cravings some. I also had a bad headache for the first time since giving up diet soda. In fact, a Diet Pepsi is what I have craving the most.

I would be satisfied eating ribeyes, ribs or hamburger for every meal but have been eating these other foods because K gets bored eating just beef. This week, I am going to try to keep it simple. Pretty much all beef, very little cheese and no Splenda. We'll see where that goes and if gets things moving again.

My weight for the last three days has been 186.2, 186.6 and 186.8.

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