Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 59

It was an odd day yesterday, food-wise. I got hungry early, about 6:30 AM. I ate two leftover chicken thighs. They weren't very big so I thought I would be hungry again fairly quickly. It turned out that i didn't get hungry again until almost 2 PM. Since this is getting fairly close to dinner, I just had two leftover piglets.

Well, it ended up being a really good thing that no one else at home was hungry enough for dinner because I wasn't even remotely hungry when I got home from work. I finally ended up eating some burgers at 7:30. I was cooking them up for the kids and got hungry then. I don't know if I really needed to eat before then or if the smell just triggered it. I had three plain burger patties with some spicy brown mustard (I'm lovin' that stuff lately).

Possibly because of the late dinner, I was up slightly, .2 pounds, to 184.2 - essentially holding.

I posted a few days ago about benefits I had seen while doing zero carb that weren't just weight related. I came across another one recently. I am much more tolerant to a wider range of temperatures.

In the past, while dieting, I would frequently be cold all of the time. After I lost the 45 pounds doing Weigh Down, I had several years where I was cold all of the time, even in the summer. I wore sweatshirts to work in the summer because the A/C made me too cold. I wouldn't turn the A/C on in the car if I was alone, even when the temperature was over 100° out. Winters were very uncomfortable.

When I wasn't dieting, I was always hot. Our house doesn't have A/C but where we live it cools down at night so we just put fans in the windows and cool the house naturally. My goal was always to get the house as cold as possible overnight so that by the end of the day the inside temperature was only in the mid-70's. The problem was that it froze out K and the boys when they were home in the summer. K and I had some disagreements over this method.

This year, I have found that I can be comfortable in the house through a wider range of temperatures. I haven't minded it even the times it has gotten up to the low 80's. This isn't the same as when I was cold all of the time because I can tolerate it when it is lower, too. K is happier now, too, which is always a good thing.

I have also noticed another really trivial thing. When I first started LC five years ago, I noticed that I got considerably fewer of those white spots on my fingernails. I don't know what they are or what they signify, but I found it interesting. The thing was, though, that I never was completely free of them. It seemed I would always have at least one. Now, since starting zero carb, I haven't made any new ones and the last one will be gone when I cut my nails next. Like I said - trivial, but interesting to me.

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