Sunday, June 7, 2009

Day 57

After talking about being beef only, I had more of the piglets yesterday when I got hungry. We needed to be out the door in a hurry and the leftover piglets were the only thing really available. Since I had jumped up in weight 2.4 pounds last time I had them, I was a little leery. I didn't seem to bloat from them this time, though, and they seemed fine. I am starting to think it was just coincidence with some random thing that caused the bloat Tuesday.

For dinner, K made a Vietnamese dish that the kids like called, simply, Beef and Pineapple. Since it has a full can of pineapple in it (with 3.5 pounds of london broil), I cooked up a chuck-eye. I had a few strips of the meat that I fished out of the broth, just for a taste of it.

The pork didn't seem to cause a problem, weight-wise, this time. I was the same as yesterday, at 185.0 lbs. The scale even wavered for a second to 184.8 but settled at 185 (sigh). I am getting the sinking feeling that it wasn't the beef that getting me back on track but the fact that I haven't had very much dairy. Having to give it up would severely suck, but you do what you gotta do, I guess.

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