Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 292

Not much to report. Still eating ribeyes and 80/20 ground beef along with a little cheese and cream. My weight bounced back up into the 171's after being in the 169's over the weekend. That isn't unusual for mid-week, though.

I am finding that dairy is a two edged sword for me. I feel much better and have more energy. I had hit a wall last week with my pushup routine and absolutely blasted through it this week after adding dairy back in.

All that is great, plus I like it, but on the flip side, I am more stuffed up and sneezy. My weight loss also seems to come to a halt, at least temporarily.

If I knew what was 1. causing the energy and strength boost and 2. causing the sinus distress, I would know what to do. The energy may come from an increase in fat but when I don't eat dairy, I eat undrained 80/20 gb and untrimmed ribeyes. I would think I am getting plenty of fat. Maybe it's coming from the very slight increase in carbs? I wouldn't think so but don't know. I don't think it is from the increased calcium.

As for the sinus stuff, is it caused by the milk protein casein, the milk sugar lactose or something else inherent in dairy? If it is lactose, aged cheese should be okay because it is supposed to be low in lactose. If it is casein, cheese is probably out but cream may be okay because I believe it is low protein. If it's something else, I am screwed and will have to figure out how to keep the energy level without it.

I think the cream is more of a problem for me. For one thing, I like it best in coffee and black tea (unsweetened). The caffeine may be why the weight loss stops. It also messes with my hunger if I have it earlier in the day. For now, I think I will drop the cream once I run out and see how it goes.

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