Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 279

After thinking yesterday that I might only be hungry once that day, I ended up getting first hunger pretty early - about 9:30. I had a hamburger bowl at that point. I wasn't really hungry the rest of the day until around 7 pm. K was cooking dinner for her and the boys and the smell and thoughts of food triggered my hunger.

K had bought some steaks for the boys. J didn't want his so that is what I had. They were cross rib steaks, which I think must be some form of round steak. They were way too lean and not very tasty. We have used cross rib roasts for stew meat and they work very well in that capacity. However, plain, they aren't so good. It actually kind of bothered my stomach, so I had two small chicken thighs to add some fat. That worked, though I felt kind of out of sorts the rest of the evening.

The scale is still moving in the right direction. This morning, I was down to 170.4 lbs. That is still 1.4 pounds higher than my low in December, but better than the 172 I have been at since New Years'. Adding in the uncertainty caused by the resistance exercises I am doing and everything is working well again. The funny thing is that the little extra bulk I am getting in the shoulders and chests is making me feel fatter than I look in the mirror.

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