Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 283

On Sunday, while doing our weekly grocery shopping, I was in the meat dept, checking out the pork shoulder steaks. It seems like a lot of folks here eat them. They were fairly cheap and looked very fatty. However, the thought of eating them turned my stomach. I just can't get my head back around to eating large slabs of pork.

That said, dinner last night was pork riblets. These are long time favorites and very fatty. I used to love them but they were pretty much "meh" last night. They upset my stomach a bit, too, though that might have been the Frank's sauce they were marinated in. Pork is way cheaper than ribeyes; I wish I could get myself to eat it.

The other weird thing that happened at the store was a sudden craving for Oreo's when I walked by a stand of them. That actually brought me up short because, for one thing, I couldn't eat them even if I wasn't ZC because of the gluten. The other thing is that I don't even really like Oreo's. The cream filling was good but the cookie part kind of sucked. The cookie part always tasted chemical-ly to me. Just a drive-by craving, I guess. I went home and ate a ribeye.

I started week three of my pushup routine. The numbers I had to do took a big jump. I made it through (barely) though the last set had to be broken up a little to get them all done. I am thinking that I am hitting the wall of being up to adapt to the increases each day that I do it. I don't think that has anything to do with ZC. I think it has to do with being 45 and out of shape. Still, I am amazed I have kept up so far.

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