Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 289

I hadn't had any dairy since Jan 3 but have really been wanting some cheese lately. I ended up eating some cheese with some burgers Saturday night and on my hamburger bowls yesterday. It really hit the spot and didn't seem to cause any problems. It's funny how some times I can take it or leave it and other times, it is something I really want and tastes really good. I don't go crazy with it when I do it eat, so I don't think it's  big deal to phase in and out of my diet.

My weight has finally been dropping a little, with it going back into the 160's a couple of times over the last few days. I was 169.4 lbs on Saturday and 169.8 lbs this morning. Hopefully this trend will continue.

My hunger has been acting really strange lately. Instead of the familiar sensation of hunger that I usually get, I will just get tired and a bit light headed. I have also been extra tired lately and kind of dragging around. I think I am getting enough fat, so it just may be because it's late January (a bit of SAD).

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