Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 277

I am finally seeing some progress on the scales again. I was down about a pound and a half this morning. I am still close to two pounds over my low but I think I am heading in the right direction again.

I think part of the problem is that I have been seriously detoxing over the last week. It's almost like going back to the start of ZC again. I have had some breakouts and have smelled weird at times (TMI). I have also been "sneezy" like my hay fever has kicked in, which is odd for this time of the year. Yesterday, I also had a vicious headache that lasted all day. I went to bed early because of it but it woke my up at 2 AM. I had to stumble downstairs to take a handful of ibuprofen. That knocked it back but I can still feel the ghost of it.

Food is going well. I am eating ground beef at first hunger and ribeyes at night. I am still working out the night part as I am not generally in full hunger but getting close enough that I would probably be woken up at night by hunger so I tend to eat my steak later in the evening. I think what may eventually work out is that I won't be eating more than once every other day.

It almost worked that way yesterday. I wasn't hungry until almost 12:30 pm. I ate a hamburger bowl at that time and wasn't hungry the rest of the day. However, I ended up eating a small hamburger bowl last night because my stomach was unsettled from the migraine and I was feeling a bit run down because I had given blood at 3 o'clock.

What I would like to have happen is to be hungry early one day and then be hungry again late in that day. Then the next day be hungry later in the day and get hungry just once that day. It would make it more concrete on when to eat and not have these unknowns at night. But - whatever. I am not going to force anything and I'll just go with the flow here.

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