Saturday, October 3, 2009

Week 25 Update - Day 175

I was planning on doing a six month update but will be gone next weekend. I decided to do my update this weekend instead, especially since I did one about a month ago.

This morning I weigh 177.4. That is a total loss of 22.2 pounds in 25 weeks. I weigh 1.6 pounds less than I did at my last update a month ago. However, the difference in the numbers is striking. My BMI is 25.0 - right at the threshold to overweight - and my body fat is calculated to be 16.2%.

From the measurements taken a month go, I have dropped .2" from my neck, .8" from my waist, 1.6" from stomach (sucked in), 1.4" from my stomach relaxed, .6" from my hips and .8" from my thigh. My chest and biceps were unchanged. It seems like every bit lost now is really carving into my body.

Here are my comparison pictures comparing the progress made from my start April 11th. Click on the picture for a bigger version.

As for a daily update, yesterday I was hungry first around noon. I hadn't had eggs for a while so had four eggs scrambled with three cut up sausage patties. I next got hungry about 8 pm and had a hamburger bowl. Still haven't had any dairy and I seem to be getting clearer sinuses. It is still rainy but I have been sneezing any way, so there is still some allergens floating around. I seem to have pretty clear sinuses anyway.


Sharon said...

Hi Ryan!!

Amazing transformation!!!
I see the muscle definition everywhere!

I keep up with you here and it does my heart good to know you are doing so well!

Erika said...

Wow, that's a huge difference you can definitely notice. Great work!!!

Jaime said...

You really can see a difference. Even under your chin in your side view photos. You even look younger. I was surprised to find out that you are 3 years younger then me.
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