Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April 6, 2010 update

Nothing particularly interesting to report but I want to keep journalling so that I stay on track.

I'm still on track and haven't had any cravings lately. I thought about a handful of nuts Sunday afternoon but it was easy to ignore the thoughts and stay clean.

It is a little frustrating that the weight is coming off veeeeeeeery slowly. I think it is because I have been more worried about eating only animal products and not worried about eating to hunger. I am actually not very hungry at all but I have been trying to eat with meals so that the cravings stay at bay. Once I feel a little more comfortable about the cravings staying away, I am definitely going back to eating only when physically hungry. I feel better doing that.

I am still dragging a bit too, so I think I am still going through induction flu. I hope to snap out of that soon.

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