Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day 262

In an attempt to get my zero carb zen back, I am currently doing ground beef for first hunger and ribeyes for second (if necessary). I ate outside of hunger leading up to the holidays to keep me from eating the Christmas goodies and then ate borderline ZC fare like ham, deli meat and cheese while at my parents'. That led to a four pound gain. As of today, I have lost a pound of that but hope I quickly lose the rest. My clothes still fit fine but I feel heavier than I want to.

The biggest thing I want is to get my mindset back. After my ZC reboot in August, carbs just weren't an option. This mindset grew stronger after dropping diet soda and dairy in September. However, I added dairy back while on vacation at Thanksgiving and haven't been successful in dropping it since. I haven't been cheating; I've just had more cravings and my weight loss has slowed.

Now that the holiday minefields are past, I am going back to eating smaller amounts only when physically hungry and also dropping the dairy again. As mentioned before, I actually feel better when I have a little dairy but my sinuses don't like it and I think I lose better without it. As mention earlier, food will be ground beef and ribeyes for the next week or so (longer if I can score a marked down ribeye roast after work).

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