Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 235

Not too much to report. I am back to dairy free zero carb and it has been pretty effortless. I had a few cravings on Sunday but they passed quickly.

The week I was down in Salem, I added dairy back. It was mostly because it was difficult eating at the in-laws' and getting enough fat. Some cheese took care of that. Also, we ate while out and about several times and we found that going to Burger King and getting their $1 double-cheeseburgers (bunless and plain, of course) worked very well for the family. We could all eat and be completely full for $12 for all of us.

Most of the BK's handled the bunless thing well. The first time, I made the mistake of telling them they could could put two or three of the bunless double cheeseburgers in the same dish (depending on the order). That seemed to overload their brain cells. After that, I just ordered them individually (6 plain double cheese, no bun and 4 regular double cheese, no bun). We would get a million of the little trays but at least we got the order right.

The BK we stopped at on the way home was funny. The kid taking the order was obviously new. When I ordered the first batch, he looked at me all goggle eyed and said "Wha...?!". I repeated it and he said " But you have to have a bun?". K pipes and said "No. We don't". The kid finally calls the manager over and she shows him how to key it in. He kept looking at us and shaking his head. I guess he never heard of low carb or celiac disease.

The dairy didn't affect me weight wise that I could tell but it did stuff me up again and restarted my hay fever symptoms. I also started seeing blood again when I blow my nose. That had stopped after giving up dairy. K says I have started snoring excessively again. So - back to no dairy.

I don't know where I am with my weight currently. I said before I left that I was going to stop the daily weighing and just weigh once a week and I am sticking with that. My jeans are fitting fine, so I seem to be on track and didn't gain much (if anything) from my indiscretions.

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