Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 250

I had a hungry day yesterday. I rarely eat before 11 AM but my stomach was trying to tell me it was hungry when I got to work at 5 AM. I didn't think it was real, since I am never hungry that early. However, it kept insisting so I finally gave in and ate my hamburger bowl at 7 AM.

I wasn't hungry the rest of the day at work and felt great and energetic most of the day, except for a brief case of the sleepies at noon, which passed quickly. When I got home, I got to do a heavy workout called snow removal. The snow totally sucked as it was fluffy snow covered with ice, since we had freezing drizzle most of the day. It was sticky as hell and took forever to move.

When I was done, K was cooking dinner. I didn't think I was hungry but ate some chuck eye. Then my hunger kicked in and I ended up eating two chuck eye steaks (1.4 pounds) and half of a salmon fillet. I was pretty stuffed after that.

Because of the late big dinner, my weight was up a little this morning, to 170.0 pounds. However, my seven day average was 169.6 pounds, so it was a good week. For some reason, I always tend to be heavier on Wednesday and Thursday and then drop a lot on the weekend.

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