Wednesday, March 19, 2008

March Update

Normally I want to post an update every month. I didn't do it this month because I was in the throes of apathy. I had done really well the first month. I had lost five pounds and was making strides with my exercise program. Then in mid-February, I went to my folks for the weekend to celebrate some birthdays (mine, my mom's and my grandpa's). I didn't worry about my eating while there and was just planning on dropping back into my eating plan when I got back. However, I instead used it as an excuse to go face first into the V Day and Easter candy. Also around this time I dropped most of my exercise program because of the aforementioned sore elbow and knee. The results weren't pretty.

I regained the weight I lost and felt terrible. I was tired all of the time and wasn't feeling well. After two or three weeks of being in a carb coma, I decided that I needed to do something different. I wanted to completely eliminate sugar for a couple of weeks to see how I felt and I added back in a workout of three sets of Tiger Moves.

I felt a lot better off off the sugar and I started making strides on the exercise front. I still need to go back to the diet stage to actually drop fat and I plan on doing that next week (too many birthdays and anniversaries as well as another trip to the folks' this week). I feel that I am getting back on track, though I feel like I wasted a month. I'll just have to chalk it up to the education account.

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